Greg Nason

Taking Jericho’s Debut CD

Taking JerichoTaking Jericho is  contemporary Christian  band from Calgary Alberta started by several disciples at the Rocky Mountain Church Of Christ.

In addition to playing contemporary and traditional songs in Sunday service, the band has written and performed several original worship songs.

Early in 2013 the band was approached by Jared Salte, an award winning songwriter and record producer who has worked extensively with Christian artists. After hearing several of the band’s original songs, he indicated that he would like to work with the band should they ever decide to record  a studio CD and the band decided to take him up on his offer. So, in November Taking Jericho will be going into Jared’s studio to record a 10 song CD.

In order to help offset the cost of recording, producing and distributing the CD, the band has started a crowd-funding campaign on www.Indiegogo.com.

Crowd funding is a grassroots way of raising money for a cause from people who support that cause. The fund raisers generally provide “perks” to the contributors in exchange for their financial help.

In the case of Taking Jericho, they are offering several different perks at differing levels of contributions. From digital downloads of original songs, to autographed CD’s, to custom written songs, to personal performances, the band is offering various perks to their supporters.

Perks are great, but more importantly, the band is committed to writing and performing encouraging and uplifting songs intended to encourage listeners to seek a closer relationship with God, and they want their CD to help make that happen.

You can hear some of their original songs on their website at www.takingjericho.com/music, and you can find their fundraising campaign online at http://igg.me/p/588702/x/4830689

Please check out their music and their campaign and if you believe in their cause, consider helping out.

Please keep them in your prayers, and help spread the word.

Thanks, and God bless.