Greg Nason

Tween Group Meeting

Hi Tween Parents!

As Mike mentioned previously, the Grades 1 to 6 group will be split up into 2 groups: Tweens (Grades 1-3) and Pre-teens (Grades 4-6).


The general idea for the tween group is for each parent to take turns hosting once a month. At last count, there are 11 families in the tween group so each family will more than likely only host once a year.
We will be distributing a calendar in 2014 but for the remaining months in 2013, the dates are Oct 25, Nov 22 & Dec 20.
Please mark that down in your calendars and let us know when you’d like to host.
At our last parent meeting, we tentatively agreed to schedule it for the last Friday of every month but it can be changed as long as parents are notified in advance.
Anyway, our first event is on Friday, Oct 25 @ 7.30pm. So, we’ll kick things off with a Masterchef Junior cookout at the Mah’s house. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple and there’ll be minimal use of the hot stove (more like assembling food really…)
Kids will create a recipe (based on selected ingredients made available) and will be judged by 2 or 3 guest judges (any volunteers?) on taste, presentation and originality and the winner will receive a prize!
If you haven’t already, please RSVP to Donald or Anna.
Thanks everyone!