Mike Luzine

Men’s Retreat – Frozen Chosen

Each February, for the last 10+ years, men and boys from the churches in Edmonton and Calgary have done the only sensible thing to do in February…

…go camping in tents at -30°C!  (it’s about the same in Fahrenheit, look it up)

We call it the Frozen Chosen (For those with warmer blood, we do have a bunch of cabins and an amazing lodge)

This has been so much fun, and such an awesome time of bonding and building eternal relationships with our brothers, we figured we need to open this weekend to disciples everywhere.
This year we have the best plan yet.

Qualifications: You must be male – and over 5 years old – open to exceptions

Dates: Friday February 19th to Sunday February 21st

Cost: $53.60 per person 15 yrs and up | $27.11 per kid under 15.
Cost includes: all food, lodging, movie and popcorn. Everything else is your own survival gear.

Location: Pine Lake Christian Camp Alberta Canada. http://pinelakechristiancamp.com/ 
(ignore all that green stuff and liquid water you see in the pictures, it’s nothing like that. No pesky grass, hot tents or bugs. Just glorious snow and ice – and fellowship)

RSVP: by January 31st And have a chance to win a Bear Grylls Survival Set. We usually have about 70 men and boys each year.

Signup and pay: Frozen Chosen 2016Imported Photos 00080